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Content :

Exercise: It Can Help Prevent or Delay the Complications Associated with Diabetes

Exercise comes with a long list of benefits, especially for someone living with diabetes. In fact, over the long-term, exercise can:

  • Improve your blood glucose control
  • Reduce your body fat
  • Help keep your pancreas, kidneys, eyes and nerves healthy
  • Reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke

That's why the Canadian Diabetes Association recommends you do 150 minutes of aerobic exercise and 2 to 3 sessions of resistance exercise per week. If you're not used to regular exercise, this might sound like a lot, however you'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you like how you feel! You won't want to stop!

Wondering how to get started? Here are some suggestions:

  • Try to include physical activity each day - even if it's just walking to the mailbox or once around the block after dinner. Doing this 4 to 5 times a week is a great way to start!
  • Resistance exercise is also important. You do not necessarily need to have a gym membership, try doing one or two of our great exercises you can do at home. When you're ready, add in another exercise.
  • Each week or so, try to increase amount of time you can exercise. Start by adding 5 minutes to each workout. You'll be up to 30 minutes per workout before you know it!