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Content :

How Exercise Changes Blood Glucose

The power to improve your blood glucose control is in your hands and your feet. Physical activity is one of the best ways to lower your blood glucose.


And the good news is your body will get the rewards of exercise in no time at all. In fact, after physical activity, your blood glucose starts to be lowered within one hour. Over time you will be better able to keep those readings in control.

People with diabetes will benefit from these two recommended types of exercise: aerobic and resistance.

  • Aerobic exercises involve continuous movement using your whole body, while strengthening your heart and lungs. A fun way to get and stay healthy.
  • Resistance exercise involves focusing on specific areas of the body through movements and exercises that build muscle strength, such as lifting weights.

Both types of exercise could lower your A1C (an average of your blood glucose readings over the past 3 months), but combining both over six months can get your A1C even lower.

The more physical activity you do, the more you benefit and the better you'll feel. So keep moving!