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10 Ways to Burn More Calories at Home

Between work, family, socializing and all of life's other responsibilities, there's no time for exercise, right? Wrong! With a little ingenuity, you can slip exercise into your schedule at home, burning calories all over the place. Here are 10 good ones to get you started.


1. Volunteer for chores.

Household chores can burn a surprising number of calories. For example, a 180-pound person would burn 184 calories mopping, 108 calories putting away groceries, and 92 calories ironing, if you did these activities for 30 minutes.

2. Spend time with the kids.

If your own kids are grown-up, sign on for babysitting duty with your grandchildren. Kids have a remarkable amount of energy and you'll burn plenty of calories just trying to keep up with them.

3. Catch up on your yard work.

Raking leaves and mowing the lawn are great exercises, especially if you use hand tools instead of power tools or use a push-mower instead of a riding mower.

4. Pump up the volume.

Whatever activity you're doing, do it vigorously. The more vigorously you work, or the longer you work, the more calories you'll burn.

5. Climb the stairs.

At least once a day, climb up and down the stairs a few times. This is especially effective for getting the blood flowing in the winter.

6. Walk it off.

If you need to run errands, walk to the store instead of driving. You'll get a little more exercise that way.

7. Start with a stretch.

When you wake up in the morning, start your day with a few stretches. You'll burn a few calories and also feel more limber for the coming day.

8. Tone while watching TV.

Instead of slumping down on the couch, do exercises while watching TV. These can range from sit-ups to push-ups to jumping jacks.

9. Have a good laugh.

Laughing will burn a few calories, elevate your mood and reduce stress.

10. Take it to the bedroom.

Sex is not only a fun way to burn calories, it also relieves stress, boosts your cardiovascular health, and enhances intimacy.