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Content :

Eating Well with Diabetes

What we eat makes a big difference in terms of how healthy we are and how we feel. When living with diabetes, nutrition is essential to self-management. There is no such thing as a diabetic diet anymore. Healthy eating for people living with diabetes is the same as for the general population.


1. What you eat (and drink!)

A healthy meal plan includes:

  • Vegetables, fruits and whole grains
  • Less of the refined carbohydrates (like white bread) and no sugary drinks
  • Moderate amounts of healthier fats (nuts, avocado, olive oil)

2. When you eat

It is important to eat three meals every day and try to eat at regular times. Space your meals no more than 6 hours apart and have a snack only if necessary.

3. How much you eat

Watch your portion sizes to maintain or lose weight. For more information, read our portion guide article.