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About us

Content :

The Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey

The Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey has proven to be a valuable tool for health benefit administrators making decisions about the kind of health coverage their plans will provide.


Since 1998, our healthcare survey has monitored the pulse of Canadians with employer-sponsored health benefit plans. We continue to track respondents’ overall satisfaction with the healthcare system as a whole and their own benefit plan, their concerns about their health and the health of their families, and their understanding of certain chronic illnesses.

Over the years, the survey has looked at the issues of workplace stress, the growing need for homecare services and disease prevention. It offers the benefits industry an important benchmark to evaluate emerging healthcare issues that impact employee health and productivity.

2016 Survey

When it comes to supporting personal health and productivity, do plan members give their workplaces passing grades? Generally speaking, the answer is yes, but this year's survey reveals numerous opportunities for plan sponsors and their providers to do more to achieve honour roll status.


2015 Survey

This year’s survey shows that more plan sponsors are seeking a deeper, multi-dimensional view of their health benefit plan, trying to understand the connections between different benefits and, ultimately, productivity.


2014 Survey

Compelling new data indicates that healthcare benefit sponsors (employers) are ill-equipped to develop strategic health benefit plans to respond to the future needs of employees as chronic disease rates rise and employees’ average age increases.


2013 Survey

The survey explores the growing need and readiness for improved integration between plan members, the workplace, benefit providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and the public healthcare system.


2012 Survey

The 2012 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey

The workplace is positioned to emerge as a point of access in the prevention and management of chronic disease. When asked specifically about on-site health risk screenings and disease-specific education programs, plan members overwhelmingly indicate a willingness to participate.


Last update: June 13, 2016