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Sanofi Canada

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Content :

Diabetes Myths and Realities

MYTH: Not many people have diabetes.

FACT: Diabetes currently affects over 2 million Canadians. Over 20 people are diagnosed with diabetes every hour of each day.” avec “The total population with diabetes is estimated to be 2.7 million people (7.6%) in 2010, and is projected to rise to 4.2 million people (10.8%) by 2020. - ref. https://www.diabetes.ca/CDA/media/documents/publications-and-newsletters/advocacy-reports/canada-at-the-tipping-point-english.pdf

MYTH: Eating too much sugar causes diabetes.

FACT: Eating too much sugar does not cause diabetes. Eating too many calories can make you overweight. Being overweight is a risk factor for developing diabetes.

MYTH: I have diabetes. I have to follow a strict diabetic diet.

FACT: There is no "diabetic diet." People with diabetes should follow a healthy meal plan based on Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide. This is the same for the general population.

MYTH: People start with type 1 diabetes but usually progress to type 2 diabetes.

FACT: Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are different diseases; they are not different stages of the same disease. In type 1 diabetes, the body cannot produce insulin. In type 2 diabetes, the body is not producing enough insulin and not being able to make use of the insulin it produces.

MYTH: If you have diabetes, you are more likely to get colds and other illnesses.

FACT: People with diabetes are not more likely to get a cold or another illness than people without diabetes. However, colds and illnesses can last longer for people with diabetes. There are many health complications that can happen. This is why it is recommended that people with diabetes consider getting the flu shot. Any additional stress on the body can make diabetes more difficult to control and can cause an increase in blood glucose.