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Sanofi Canada

2905 Place Louis-R.-Renaud
Laval, Quebec, H7V 0A3

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Content :

Setting Goals for Good Diabetes Control

Setting your goals: what is important to you now to help you live with having diabetes?

It's about you. We are here to keep you on the path to good diabetes control.


Start small and work your way up

Start with a small goal that involves a single change that you can make in a short time period. For example, choose to have fruit for dessert at each meal instead of other choices. Make that change more and more often, and three weeks later you'll find that you've developed a new habit.

Make each new goal a bit more challenging

When things are going well with your first goal, add another goal that is a bit more challenging, like choosing to walk up the stairs and not using the escalator.

Make your goals realistic

If you set a goal that is too difficult to achieve, you may feel discouraged if you fail. For example, setting a goal of never taking an elevator again is probably too drastic. Pledging that you will not take an elevator if your climb is two flights of stairs or less, and if you are not carrying anything heavy, might be more realistic.

Understand that sometimes you might have a bad day

When it comes to making a change in your lifestyle, some days may feel easier and others may feel like you've hit a roadblock. Remember that change takes time, so don't feel too discouraged on those tough days. Take one day at a time.

Reward yourself for meeting your goals

Set yourself short-term and long-term goals and reward yourself when you meet them. For example, if you meet your exercise goals for the week, reward yourself by going hiking with friends on the weekend. If you meet your nutritional goals, reward yourself with some new clothes or that best-selling book you've been dying to read.