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Sanofi Canada

2905 Place Louis-R.-Renaud
Laval, Quebec, H7V 0A3

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Content :

Easy Food Swaps

Healthy eating is easier than you think. All you need is a love of food and a willingness to try something new. Try these 10 food swaps to get all the taste with fewer calories, less sugar and salt, and less fat.


1. Swap whole milk with 1% or skim. The same principle applies for yogurt: swap whole fat for low fat. One word of warning: make sure that the low-fat yogurt you buy doesn't have additional sugar.


2. Swap granola with a high-fibre cereal. Granola is crunchy and delicious, but some granolas are full of fat and sugar. In the morning, opt for a high fibre cereal of 4 g per serving instead, or treat yourself with a low-fat granola.


3. Swap the whole muffin for a half. A lot of people are surprised to learn how much fat and how many calories are in a muffin. For example, a raisin bran muffin from Tim Horton's has 69 g of carbs, 410 calories and 13 grams of fat. If you're feeling hungry, cut the muffin in half and share it with a friend or save it for later.


4. Swap regular canned foods with low-sodium canned foods when available. The next time you're buying canned soup, tomatoes or black beans, have a look at the sodium content on the nutrition food label. Opt for the brands that have the least sodium. If low-sodium legumes are not available, buy regular ones and rinse them off.


5. Swap bacon bits with pine nuts. Instead of sprinkling bacon on a salad or using it to top a casserole, try roasted pine nuts. The rich, smoky flavour is a great low-sodium substitute.


6. Swap the chips with some popcorn. Potato and corn chips may taste great but they contain a high amount of fat and salt. Instead, buy popcorn kernels and make your own popcorn.