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Navigating Your Support System

Your diabetes diagnosis may not only be life-changing for you, but also for those close to you. If you live in a household with other family members, your diet changes may be embraced by the whole family. Or your family might start making exceptions on your behalf, which although done with good intentions, may cause you to feel frustrated.


Because diabetes is a life-long disease, the lifestyle changes you will need to make are for the long term. And that can be hard. Temptation is everywhere. Having positive, helpful support from your friends and family will make the process easier. However, if the "support" feels more like constraints, warnings or instructions, that can be less motivating and encouraging for you.

If your loved ones are not giving you the type of support you need, speak to them about it. Tell them how their comments make you feel and what they could be saying or doing instead. Also consider joining a diabetes support group in your community or online. Talking with people going through the same experiences will be helpful because you'll feel less alone or different. Plus, they will likely have encountered many of the same issues and you can help each other by sharing tips you've discovered along the way.