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Diabetes and Comfort Food

Food can be a great source of comfort when things get tough, but for those living with diabetes, eating for comfort can lead to bad food choices such as eating nutritionally empty foods or overeating. The problem is that some of the most popular "comfort foods" are very high in carbohydrates and fat - the classic example would be baked macaroni and cheese!. If you turn to comfort food when stressed, that means you are eating as a means of coping. If you focus on other coping and stress management strategies, you can help avoid this unhealthy eating style.


When you have diabetes, try this mantra: "Make my carbohydrates count." It means that you could make the most of your carbohydrate choices by choosing foods that will give you the biggest "bang for your buck" nutritionally. For example, some great choices are sweet potatoes, barley, brown rice and whole-wheat pasta, because they're full of vitamins, minerals and fibre - and they're tasty too!

It is also helpful to keep your carbohydrate portions in check. As a general rule, they should only represent about 1/4 of your plate at meals, with a depth of about the thickness of your palm.

For more advice on portion control, check out our portion guide.

If you want to know more, check out the Eating section on this site.