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Sanofi Canada

2905 Place Louis-R.-Renaud
Laval, Quebec, H7V 0A3

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Content :

How Do You Measure Your Quality of Life?

Have you ever had someone ask you if you're happy with your life? What did you say? How would you answer that question today? Has living with diabetes changed what you would have answered before being diagnosed?


Answer these two simple questions to figure that out:

In general, my present quality of life is:

How Do You Measure Your Quality of Life?
Extremely badVery badBadNeither good nor badGoodVery goodExcellent

If I didn't have diabetes, my quality of life would be:

How Do You Measure Your Quality of Life?
WorseThe sameA little betterMuch betterVery much better

Look at your answers and add the corresponding scores. A lower score indicates a more negative impact on your diabetes.

To get a better understanding of how diabetes is affecting your quality of life, try answering these questions:

If I didn't have diabetes:

How Do You Measure Your Quality of Life?
My enjoyment of leisure activities would be
My working life would be
My holidays would be
My family life would be
My friendships and family life would be
My sex life would be
My physical appearance would be
My self-confidence would be
My feelings about the future would be
My freedom to eat or drink as I wish would be

Have a look at your answers. Are they what you expected?

If you answered that your life would be better without diabetes to many of the questions, you should speak to a member of your healthcare team about your quality of life. If you are experiencing a low quality of life, this is likely affecting your ability to manage your diabetes. This could have a negative impact on your long-term health and well-being, so it's important that you speak to someone.