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Content :

Pay More Attention to What You're Eating

Many of us eat "mindlessly;" eating without realizing the actual amounts we eat. For example, eating popcorn at the movie theatre, continuing to eat after we're full, reaching for food when a commercial comes on TV, or just eating because you are bored. Over the last twenty years, portion sizes have become larger and larger. It seems like you can "super size" everything these days. Pay attention to portion sizes.


Try using a smaller plate (8 inches). It is a question of perception. The same amount of food on a smaller plate looks like more food.

Think of ordering an appetizer portion as your main dish.

Think before eating right out of the box. When you're eating crackers or cookies right out of the box, you don't really know how many you're eating. Instead, take out a proper portion size, put it in a small bowl and put away the box.

Enjoy meal times. Eat in the kitchen or dining room. Limit distractions.