A proven tool for health benefit administrators making decisions about the kind of health coverage their plans will provide.

We are proud to be the founders and driving force behind The Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, Canada’s premier and longest-running survey of private health benefit plans. 

Representing a cumulative investment by Sanofi of more than $7 million, the survey is an informative and inspiring compilation of opinions, real-life success stories and expert analysis. 

For more than 20 years, it has been helping companies design plans that yield the best health outcomes for workers and employers alike, improving the health and productivity of the Canadian workforce and contributing to a more sustainable healthcare system.

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The Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey 2018

There is a powerful connection to be made between health benefit plans and business drivers.

2017 Survey 

Numerous factors point to the need and the opportunity to approach health benefit plans differently.

2016 Survey

When it comes to supporting personal health and productivity, do plan members give their workplaces passing grades?