Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is core to Sanofi’s business as a healthcare leader in Canada.

Our community activities, often enhanced by the direct involvement of our employees, support research, promote health and well-being, and create public awareness of disease prevention and treatment. Learn about some of our key initiatives below.

Sanofi Biogenius Canada

A national science research competition open to high school students, Sanofi Biogenius Canada has helped over 6,000 young Canadians pursue real-world scientific research projects since its inaugural edition in 1993.

For many participants, SBC has proven vastly influential in mapping out future careers – in some cases paving the way for studies in Ivy League schools and exciting internships in the biotech industry. Sanofi Canada is been title sponsor and strong supporter of SBC since the competition’s founding.

Season of Solidarity

The Sanofi Season of Solidarity, organized through the Sanofi foundations, is an annual international event dedicated to volunteering, giving employees an opportunity to meet NGOs and organize solidarity activities for their benefit.

Employees look forward to participating and leading these exciting, rewarding projects, positively impacting a plethora of nonprofit organizations through their corporate volunteer initiatives.

Foundation S

Foundation S seeks to create healthier futures for generations to come by amplifying innovation and collaboration and support concrete actions to improve the lives of people in vulnerable communities.

Through a “Think & Do Tank” approach, Foundation S seeks to amplify innovation and collaboration, and support concrete actions to improve the lives of people in vulnerable communities in three key areas:

  • Fighting childhood cancer, with its signature initiative My Child Matters
  • Increasing health resilience of climate vulnerable populations
  • Broadening humanitarian donations with a focus on displaced populations.