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A proven tool for health benefit administrators

We are proud to be the founders and driving force behind The Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, Canada’s premier and longest-running survey of private health benefit plans. 

Representing a cumulative investment by Sanofi of more than $7 million, the survey is an informative and inspiring compilation of opinions, real-life success stories and expert analysis. 

For nearly 25 years, it has been helping Canadian companies design benefit plans that yield the best outcomes for workers and employers alike, improving the health and productivity of their workforce and contributing to a more sustainable healthcare system.

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Future Forward: Frontline Perspectives on Health Benefit Plans

Analyzing the changing opinions of plan members and plan sponsors on topics including workplace wellness, health concerns and the impact of chronic disease.

Previous Editions of the Survey

Being a health journey partner means strong collaborations with stakeholders across Canada’s healthcare spectrum, including health benefit providers. We’re pleased to continue the Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey tradition. Please consult these reports from previous years:

2019: Closing The Knowledge Gaps

2019-06-17MMMM DD, YYYY

2018: Connecting the Dots

2018-06-13MMMM DD, YYYY

2017: Winds of Change

2017-05-29MMMM DD, YYYY