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A leader in clinical research in Canada

Canada has an outstanding reputation for clinical research, built on consistently generating quality data necessary to evaluate a drug’s performance. The high level of medical expertise in Canada and the openness of investigative centres to clinical development make Canada attractive for Sanofi’s clinical research operations.

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Cooperative projects with many partners
The Clinical Study Unit in Canada contributes significantly to Sanofi’s global efforts to develop new treatments. Our teams are currently overseeing some 50 Sanofi-sponsored clinical studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas, working with clinics and hospitals across the country.

Clinical studies are crucial in determining whether a particular drug is safe and effective, at which dosage, and any potential side effects. Only with all these data can regulatory approval (Health Canada’s “Notice of Compliance”) be obtained and the medicine made available to patients. Once a medicine is on the market, additional studies may be performed to learn more about its effectiveness and safety in various patient groups.

Ongoing clinical activities in Canada

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investigator-sponsored trials currently underway
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Investigator-Sponsored Studies
Sanofi is committed to supporting medically and scientifically sound research aimed at the advancement of disease knowledge and potential treatments in therapeutic areas of interest to Sanofi with the goal of advancing patient care.