At Sanofi, we focus every day on researching and developing therapies that improve patient health. Our real success comes when we target unmet medical needs. Sanofi supports you and your family as a health journey partner through science and innovation.

As one of the largest investors in research and development, Sanofi in Canada has been investing approximately 20% of its revenues year-after-year in Canadian biopharma research, bringing new innovative health solutions to Canadians – and the world. Our R&D activities are focused on two main areas: vaccine production and clinical studies across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Investment Leader

As one of the top three R&D spenders within the Canadian pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, and consistently a top spender as a percentage of revenue, we are focused on developing innovative therapies in areas such as oncology, diabetes and cardiology.

Centre of Excellence

As the home of Sanofi’s North American Centres of Excellence for Analytical and Bioprocess R&D, our Toronto site plays an active role in developing new vaccines. Close to 300 people work in R&D at our Toronto site, including dozens of PhDs, Doctors of Pharmacy and bioprocess engineers with extensive academic and/or industry experience.

Clinical Research

Canada has an outstanding reputation for clinical research, built on consistently generating quality data necessary to evaluate a drug’s performance. With over 50 Sanofi-sponsored clinical studies and over 25 investigator-sponsored trials underway in a wide range of therapeutic areas, the Clinical Study Unit in Canada contributes significantly to Sanofi’s global efforts to develop new treatments.

Therapeutic areas of study

Diabetes & Cardiovascular

Rare Blood Disorders

Immunology & Inflammation

Rare & Neurologic Diseases